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Parcours à l’EUPHA

L’équipe Parcours participe à l’EUPHA

Thursday Parallel Sessions Topic : Mental Health

  • Depression and anxiety among immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa in France. Pannetier, Julie et al.

Saturday Parallel Sessions Topic : Infectious diseases

  • Hardships increase HIV infection risk among sub-Saharan migrants living in France. Results from the ANRS- PARCOURS study 2012-2013. Desgrees du Lou, Annabel et al.


Friday Poster Sessions Topic : Infectious diseases

  • HIV, hepatitis B and abortion among migrants from sub-Saharan Africa living in Île-de-France. Bulegon Pilecco, Flavia et al.
  • Migration and HIV/Aids : a double penalty ? Impacts of migration and diagnosis on Sub-Saharan migrant women’s living conditions in France. Gosselin, Anne et al..